Addons BR-Tibia


First Citizen Addon:

100 mitaur lather

Second Citizen Addon:

100 Chicken Feathers
50 Honeycombs
1 Legion Helmet

First Hunter Addon:

1 Engraved Crossbow
100 Pieces of Lizard Leather
100 Pieces of Red Dragon Leather
5 Enchanted Chicken Wings
1 Piece of Royal Steel (Trade Crown Armor)
1 Piece of Draconian Steel (Trade Dragon Shield)
1 Piece of Hell Steel (Trade Devil Helmet)

Second Hunter Addon:

Sniper Gloves

First Mage Addon:

10 Magic Sulphur
20 Ankhs
1 Soul Stone

Second Mage Addon:

Ferumbras' Hat

First Knight Addon:

100 Iron Ore
1 Huge Chunk of Crude Iron

Second Knight Addon:

100 Behemoth Fangs
Ramsay The Reckless lost Helmet
1 Flask of Warrior Sweat
1 Royal Steel

First Nobleman Addon:


Second Nobleman Addon:


First Summoner Addon:

100 Mitaur Lather

Second Summoner Addon:

70 Bat Wings
20 Red Piece of Cloth
40 Ape Fur
35 Holy Orchids
10 spools of Spider Silk Yarn
60 Lizard Scales
40 Red Dragon Scales
15 ounces of Magic Sulphur
30 ounces of Vampire Dust

First Warrior Addon:

100 Hardened Bones
100 Turtle Shells
1 Fighting Spirit
1 Dragon Claw

Second Warrior Addon:

100 Iron Ore
1 Royal Steel

First Barbarian Addon:

Ter feito a quest dos Djinn
Fighting Spirit (extraído a partir de 2 Royal Helmets)
Warrior's Sweat (extraído a partir de 4 Warrior Helmets)
50 Pieces of Red Cloth
50 Pieces of Green Cloth
10 Spider Silk Yarn (100 Giant Spider Silk) - Necessidade de mudança cada 10 Giant

Second Barbarian Addon:

100 Iron Ore
1 Huge Chunk of Crude Iron
50 Perfect Behemoth Fang
50 Lizard Leather
Barbarian Wig

First Wizard Addon:

Medusa Shield
Dragon Scale Mail
Crown Legs
Ring of the Sky

Second Wizard Addon:

50 Holy Orchids

First Oriental Addon:

Mermaid Comb

Second Oriental Addon:

100 Ape Fur
100 Fish Fins
2 Enchanted Chicken Wings
100 Blue Piece of Cloth

Pessoal em breve teremos mais Addons.
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